The answer to your SEO problem

What SEO problem?

If you’re not regularly appearing on page one of the search engines, you have a problem.

Unfortunately, this is one of those hidden problems that you can’t see.

If you’re not there, your competitors will be.

They are happy. They are receiving more website traffic, enquiries and sales than you are.

Why is SEO important?

Have you ever wondered why is SEO important?

After all, you already promote your products / services in many ways, don’t you?

In particular, smartphones and Google Search have changed the ground rules.

When consumers and businesses want to buy, they’re likely to ‘Google it’ on their smartphones.

If you appear on page 1 of the search results, that is a message in its own right.

This is where most of the website clicks come from.

If you’re not there, your competitors have an advantage over you.

They will be getting more traffic, sales enquiries and sales than you are.

You have tried SEO and it didn’t work

You may have tried to do it yourself. You read articles and perhaps even attended some public workshops.

Perhaps you found it all too confusing, complicated and time-consuming?

Or you may have tried outsourcing SEO to an agency, with mixed results or no results at all.

Here is a different approach.

Tailored SEO guidance just for you

If you are a marketer or business owner, you / your team are busy.

Spending hundreds of hours learning about SEO is unrealistic.

The answer is a ‘just for you’ workshop + a month of support.

We will look your website and discuss how to improve your SEO performance.

You will be able to see exactly what to do.

You will discover SEO strategies tailored for you.

Client feedback

“Thank you the SEO session and ‘how to’ expertise. It was extremely helpful.” ~ Jackie Thompson, Civil & Corporate Security Limited

Nigel Temple is one of the most erudite trainers you will find. I highly recommend him. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge.” ~ Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

“Nigel Temple has proved to be very helpful. He has helped us to get to page one on Google!” ~ Walter Blackburn

“Nigel has made a big difference to our marketing. He combines strategic vision, in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. We experienced a dramatic increase in response rates – as soon as we implemented his ideas. Highly recommended!”  ~ Jack Black, MindStore

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Why wait? This could make a big difference in many ways.